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Bubbleye is your trusted user acquisition co-pilot

Blending novel AI algorithms with a broad range of programmatic integrations, Bubbleye allows you to automate user acquisition, while maintaining hands on control to the extent you desire

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Cost Aggregation

Marketing spend and performance consolidated and made available through GUI or APIs

Budget Allocation

Intelligent budget parcellation across geos, networks and publishers, ensuring your dollars are spent on the right traffic 24/7

LTV Forecasting

The industry’s most advanced algorithms to project the future LTV of any ad placement

Proactive alerting

Receive proactive notifications when campaigns need your attention. Define conditions for custom notices based on changes in spend or performance

Visual Reporting

Volume, spend, performance. All your key metrics visualized on a timeline, for you to combine and break apart however you please.

Agnostic Bidding

A safe bidding hub for you to place your own bids on multiple channels, in real time, hassle free

The Kraken

Straight from the digital abyss, The Kraken is the SaaS platform that incorporates all of the Bubbleye products and makes them easily available to marketing professionals worldwide.

The Kraken is fully configurable, allowing you to activate the modules you desire, select the automation algorithms most suited to each situation, and have your UA campaigns closely monitored and automatically adjusted for you 24/7.

Ride The Kraken!

Led by industry veterans hailing from Europe, USA and Asia, Bubbleye is backed by some of the most reputable VC funds in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Taiwan, where our R&D is headquartered.

We’re always looking for talent with the guts to disrupt and the skills to succeed.
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