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Pair Bubbleye’s All-round Automation with Google Ads Unequalled Reach to Multiply Your Efficiency!

Up Your Google Ads Game

Google Ads has strong native capabilities, but multiple aspects still need to be monitored and managed to run successful UA campaigns at scale. Bubbleye’s automation guides you to achieve that with no effort.

Ignite Explosive Growth

Seamlessly optimize your campaigns, reach the right audience at the right time, and watch your business achieve explosive growth. With Bubbleye’s insights and automated action triggers, you’ll gain control over Google Ads’ campaign strategic steering and leave your competitors in the dust.

Say goodbye to wasted ad spend and hello to

a future of unrivaled success with Bubbleye!

When you choose Bubbleye.AI for your Google Ads management, you’ll gain access to our powerful suite of tools to steer your campaigns, drive higher click-through rates, and generate more conversions. With our cutting-edge automation technology, detailed analytics, and personalized recommendations, you’ll have all the resources you need to fully understand how Google functions, where your opportunities lie, and minimize the time and effort for getting the most of your Google campaigns.


Benefits of Bubbleye’s Google Ads Automation

Look at the Big Picture

Compare your Google Ads campaign and creative performance against other channels, within or across any geos, in one click, through Bubbleye.AI’s unified dashboard.

Budget Allocation

Leverage Bubbleye.AI’s allpowers budget allocation across campaigns and even between Google Ads and other ad channels, either based on our proprietary algorithms or according to your custom rules.

Tie Each Action to Each Effect

Easily visualize which modifications were made to your campaigns over time, and their impact on spend, volume and performance. This allows you to understand the effect of your actions and find the most effective strategy to set sails for success!

Creative Creation

Tired of manually uploading videos to Youtube, finding them in Google Ads, and combining them with other image and text assets to form new Ad Groups? Suffer no more: Bubbleye.AI allows you to have any assets automatically uploaded and made available for you on Google Ads, directly from your cloud storage of preference (Dropbox, Google Drive or other), and assemble new Ad Groups in just two clicks, from its unified cross-network dashboard.


Whether your campaigns run toward target ROAS, maximum conversions or specific conversion values (tCPA), Bubbleye.AI recommends the best suited adjustments to Google Ads’ parameters, either according to its proprietary algorithms or based on your custom rules.

Daily Spend vs. Budget

Immediately evaluate which of your campaigns are pacing too fast or too slow toward their daily budget. Find opportunities to decrease spend or maximize volume. Immediately identify campaigns that Google itself considers to have potential to scale within the current profitability and are just limited by their current budget.


Gain further insights into your Google Ads campaign performance through Bubbleye’s predicted LTV: beyond cohorted D7 or D30 metrics, pLTV allows you to assess the ultimate profitability of any campaigns or ad groups.

Take Google Ads to New Heights

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Hear It Straight from Our Happy Clients

Fiona ShihUA Director @ Animoca Brands

Kraken’s AI approach is in effect an infinitely scalable set of smart virtual colleagues working round-the-clock to acquire high quality users efficiently. Their reporting also makes it easy to evaluate campaign performance across a number of dimensions.

Warren WoodwardCGO @ Upptic

While other companies continue to sell empty promises, The Kraken has already proven its value as a highly effective UA automation platform. The Bubbleye team are true pioneers in our industry.

Martín Mérola EtcheverryTrivia Crack UA Lead @ etermax

Bubbleye's Kraken has been essential for us to align goals with different partners and campaigns in a centralized way and with minimum effort. The Bubbleye team has been awesome in their support of our daily operation.

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