Postback Integrations

Postback APIs

1. Endpoints 

2. Postback parameters

ParameterDescriptionInstallRejected InstallApp Open / SessionPostinstall Event / Revenue
cName of the campaign being run on the networkRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
pub_idID used by the network to identify the publisher displaying the adRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
advAndroid package name (string) or iTunes ID (digits only) of the app being advertisedRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
click_idID assigned to each customer by networkRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
t_ifaIfa of user’s phoneRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
t_created_atTimestamp  (could be timestamp  in milli-second, ex., 1400000000123RequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
t_itInstall time (only for postinstall events)

cridCreative idRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
t_uidUnique User ID as set by MMP / Attribution PartnerRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
t_activity_kindOne of: install, reattribution, reengagementRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
event_typeThe ID or unique name of the event. Ie tutorial_completed. For app opened events to calculate retention, use bb_app_opened

t_rev_usdRevenue in USD (only needed for events related to revenue)

t_rej_rRejected Reason

t_ctClick time, required for fraud KPIs

t_reattributed_attime of reattribution

sID used to Bubbleye Kraken to identify the network where the campaign is run

s_countryCountry that was targeted by the campaign (filled by network through MACRO)

t_countryCountry where the advertised app was installed (filled by bubbleye)

s_*Any additional fields that are desired to be filled in, please contact bubbleye before using

t_osOS name such as ios or android

t_osvOS Version

s_ifaIfa as set by network macros

t_conConnection Type

t_ipIP Address

t_ltLimit Ad Tracking set by User