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First, Pinterest has expanded its AI ad tools, significantly enhancing campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

Also, have you heard of mobile OEM marketing? It’s becoming an increasingly relevant option in 2024. Scroll down to learn more on this and on Apple’s new ventures with Open AI. Is this new deal really going to be a game changer?

And that’s not all.

Covering EURO 2024’s ads to tackling biases in user acquisition creatives, this edition has it all.

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Pinterest announces expanded AI ad tools to enhance performance

Pinterest is rolling out exciting new features to enhance ad performance. They’ve introduced AI-driven campaign automation, customized background generation, and Promoted Pin collages to make your ads more effective.

The new AI-based automated ad campaigns, “Performance+,” optimize Promoted Pins without the hassle of manual targeting. Early tests show a 10%+ improvement in cost per acquisition and a significant reduction in campaign creation time.

Additionally, Pinterest’s AI background generation personalizes product images based on user preferences. They’re also testing ad collages with product tags, making ads more shoppable. These tools, part of Pinterest’s Ad Labs, aim to drive more engagement and align with platform trends.

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Strategies for competitive analysis of creatives


Will OpenAI x Apple deal be a game-changer?

Apple announced new AI features in its latest OS, including integrating Siri with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This partnership aims to enhance user experience by offering improved AI capabilities like AI-driven photo editing and image search. Apple prioritizes privacy with on-device processing, ensuring data security. Siri’s connection with ChatGPT will be available later this year, making AI tools more accessible to Apple users.

BeReal is being acquired by Voodoo for €500M

Voodoo has acquired BeReal for €500 million, with BeReal co-founder and CEO Alexis Barreyat set to depart post-transition. Aymeric Roffé, CEO of Voodoo’s Wizz, will assume leadership. Voodoo aims to leverage its mobile product expertise to enhance BeReal’s growth, focusing on authenticity and organic expansion across key markets.

Tripledot Studios acquires Get Color developer

Tripledot Studios has acquired Zephyr Mobile, the developer behind games like Get Colour, Hey Colour, and Math Crossword. Zephyr Mobile, founded by Serge Morozov in 2016, has reached over 100 million users. The acquisition, terms undisclosed, adds Zephyr’s 55-person team to Tripledot, enhancing their capacity to scale hit games using Tripledot’s platform and expertise.

China Games Market Reports Series

Niko’s 2024 China Games Market Reports reveal the market generated $47.5 billion in 2023, marking a 6.2% YoY growth. Mobile remains dominant, accounting for 68.7% of revenue. The market is expected to grow to $49.8 billion in 2024 and $55 billion by 2028. The number of gamers reached 715.9 million in 2023.

Introducing Gen-3 Alpha

Generative AI startup Runway releases the Gen-3 Alpha model, significantly improving video fidelity and consistency. This new model competes with OpenAI’s Sora and Luma AI’s Dream Machine in transforming video production. With capabilities like AI-driven transitions and photorealistic human generation, it promises to revolutionize creative content for user acquisition marketers and other industries.

YouTube will ask iOS users to ‘allow’ tracking

YouTube will soon ask iOS users to opt into more personalized ads via Apple’s App Tracking Transparency prompt. Users can allow tracking for personalized ads and better ad measurement, benefiting creators, or opt out, resulting in less personalized ads. This change aligns with Apple’s privacy policies and affects iOS YouTube app users.

Apple delays launch of AI-powered features in Europe

Apple is delaying the launch of three AI-powered features in Europe due to EU competition rules, which require interoperability with rival products, potentially compromising privacy and security. The features, including Phone Mirroring and Apple Intelligence, will launch in the US this fall but won’t reach Europe until 2025.


Gamescom is around the corner and Bubbleye.AI is getting ready to take over the city with an army of AI agents, as part of a Europe tour with a few other stops.
Our CEO Stefano is going to attend personally this year, and still have a few slots available in the last week of August. If you are around and fancy a chat on all things related to user acquisition, automation, or AI, please reach out to book a chat.

Why OEM marketing is becoming increasingly relevant

In 2024, promoting your apps through original equipment manufacturer is becoming an increasingly relevant option, either in the form of preload/preinstalls (networks like DigitalTurbine or Appnext) or in the form of ads in proprietary app stores (e.g. Xiaomi, Vivo).


Posts that caught our attention


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