Welcome to the Bubbleye blog, where you’ll find the latest news and expert insights into user acquisition and mobile marketing, and game-changing approaches to marketing automation.

Expect to read insightful articles, thought leadership, and case studies for the use of AI and automation within User Acquisition. With a mix of content from across the entire industry, encompassing multiple app genres,  advertising channels, and attribution methods.

Short video interviews and more comprehensive webinars will be available every month with insights from our customers and partners, detailing the blueprints and techniques they have seen success with.  These ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ will also be available in podcast format for you to listen on the move. 

From our preferential observation spot on the marketing ecosystem, amid the rise of new traffic formats and evolving privacy regulations, we will theorize multiple scenarios and advise on how ourselves and our global partners approach key challenges and learn from them. Using cutting-edge and experimental techniques to crack the hardest nuts we encounter in our daily job.

We will also be providing you with quarterly insights from our monstrous AI-based automation software – The Kraken. With highlights from The Kraken’s findings on the most effective traffic pockets for each app vertical, this insider report will feature the best ways to invest in UA across traffic types and geographies, and analyze key trends’ evolution quarter by quarter. The first edition of ‘The Kraken’s Pulse’ will be available in April to all our customers and those signed up to our newsletter.

Bubblin’ News’ will collate all the goings-on within the UA industry from success stories to acquisitions and new appointments. We will be working closely with our clients and partners to bring you all the latest from the UA community on a global scale.

We hope you enjoy the Bubbleye blog. If you would like to get involved and submit content or apply to be part of our webinar/podcast series, please email marketing@bubbleye.com

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